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 Mya's Editor Application

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Mya's Editor Application   Empty
PostSubject: Mya's Editor Application    Mya's Editor Application   Empty2011-01-20, 07:11

Name: Mya
Experience: Very experienced. I've been editor for almost 5 years. Currently working for Midnight Scan, Shoujo Manga Maniac, Aeriandra, Ivyscan, Intecross.
Free time: Not a lot of free time - but I'm super fast hence one chapter per week is not aproblem for me - unless I am down with flu or when I'm travelling,
Project you would like to work on: Aragami Hime. Well basically, you will feel familiar with my name - I am the founder of Cinderella Story but I lost interest in managing a scanlation group and don't have time to do everything (I did both translating and editing at that time). I am happy that you picked up the project (it also means you have translator for it)

I couldn;t download the test that hosted on deposite - hence I couldn't do the test. But I attached some of my sample works that I did for other groups (all in HQ)

Looking forward to your reply.

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Mya's Editor Application   Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mya's Editor Application    Mya's Editor Application   Empty2011-01-20, 16:05

Wow... an applicant with experience, how rare... Your stuff looks good, there's not doubt about that. The amount of groups you are involved with looks like your taking quite a bit of work load (heck, even i'm not in that many), but if you think you can do it, well... aragami is yours then.

Please read our guidelines. you don't necessarily have to read the position specific ones since they tend to be geared toward less experienced recruits. Other than that welcome to the team, its an honor to have you^^ .
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Mya's Editor Application
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