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PostSubject: About us   About us Empty2010-11-20, 11:12

Hello ^^ and welcome to Immortal Abyss!

My fellow admin, Tyresonance, and I started Immortal Abyss because
we wanted to scanlated lots of awesome Josei manga for ppl to read. ^^

Well... that' part of it anyway. How did it really happen?

Well, we both belong to a group called Endless Abyss, which specializes
in shounen and seinen manga. Needless to say, the majority of staff
members there are guys.

So one day I was like... Hey Tyre, let's go recruit some more female
staff for EA so we can have more female friends to hang out with, too
Good work

And so Tyre was like... Hey, Irie, how about we scanlate a josei
manga while we're at it, cuz all EA does is shounen and seinen!

Freaking out!!!

And then Bearking (our admin) was like... Oi, you guys, how about you start
a women division in EA and call it "Tyre and Irie's club for girls" Kukuku

So the both of us were like... Die, Bearking! Your taste in names is horrible!

...But we started the subgroup anyway and called it Immortal Abyss.
Then, thanks to the help of our friends from EA, it was grew and grew...
and so we eventually had to separate from EA and become our own group. XD
And so here we are. hehe

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About us
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