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 Typesetter Application

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PostSubject: Typesetter Application   2010-11-29, 17:28

Sooo.....Here's the Typesetter application. As a typesetter, your only job is to have fun while picking fonts, fit the words properly within the bubble and have the text centered.

First Time Typesetting?

Please head over to our training ground for a list of tutorials.

Edit: I haven't set it up yet so PM me and I'll get you started.


To apply, please make a new thread and format your post like this:
  • Topic: [YourName] Typesetter Application
    Free time:
    Project you would like to work on:

Test: mmFYDV

You may take the test as many times as you want ( just keep it in under the same thread). Irie and I will try to post suggestions to help you improve.

GANBATTE Everyone!!!

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Typesetter Application
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