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 Aya's Typesetter Application

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PostSubject: Aya's Typesetter Application   2011-04-14, 15:49

Name: Aya
Experience: I've been on a few projects but it's been almost a year now since I haven't worked on something.
Free time: Everyday for the next 2 months. After June or something, I'll be quite busy xD
Project you would like to work on: Anything's fine :3

Here's the Test:

-crosses fingers- *sparkly eyes*
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PostSubject: Re: Aya's Typesetter Application   2011-04-17, 09:23

Hey, I heard your gonna be helping pyros1 out. The leader of this place is busy for the next month so won't be able to direct anything. I just had to log on to release some stuff, since that' my duty now :p. Have fun helping pyros1 out. ENJOY~
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PostSubject: Re: Aya's Typesetter Application   2011-04-20, 19:24

yes, I´m a bit indisposed for the next couple of weeks. If I can give you something I will but for the moment I have little access to any of my files :(
And it seems i can´t even open the zip file on this comp :x

*sigh* So yes, help out c-a for the time being. I will try to nab another comp that isn´t anal and try to give feedback on test unless ofc, ka-os already beat me on it. But you are in good hands until Im able to return and work with you.
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PostSubject: Re: Aya's Typesetter Application   

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Aya's Typesetter Application
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