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 IRC Thread

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PostSubject: Re: IRC Thread   IRC Thread Empty2011-03-03, 17:07

Click spoiler tag to view screenshot of how to log on mibbit:

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PostSubject: IRC Thread   IRC Thread Empty2011-02-14, 02:11

What is IRC? Am I getting too old that I don't know what this is?

No, you are not getting old. Internet Relay Chat (or IRC) is an old relic that has survived from the pre-internet era. In fact, many people don't know about it, so don't be ashamed, you're not the only one. In it's most innocent form, it is used as a public chatting area, where people can launch into conversations or quietly idle. Of course, IRC contains multiple main servers, which in turn, contain multiple channels. In order to take part in a conversation with a group, you must first know the channel name and join it. In a way, it is similar to an MSN conference meeting.

Things You probably don't need to know about IRC but are interesting anyways

IRC is not popular (for those who know) because of its chatting tool but because it was the olden way to "share" things before p2ps and torrents came along. People are able to download ebooks, anime, manga, warez, etc through the use of bots (short for robots) that offer file transfer services. As you might have guessed, it was the main way scanlation ( and fansub) group distributed their work before online readers and file-sharing sites became popular. Even now, many groups still keep the tradition of offering downloads through xdcc bots.

How do I get on IRC?
This question depends on what you want to utilize IRC for.If you don't plan on downloading anything and simply want to talk, then we recommend using mibbit.

Mibbit is a web-based client that does not require any download. We usually recommend this client because it is the easiest and least technically challenging option for newbies. Though simple in comparsion to other clients, mibbit takes out the guess work, making it really easy to use IRC.

To go to our channel via mibbit, go to mibbit
(click Here) , select IRCHighway, enter the name you want to be seen as and enter #i-a (no spaces) as the channel.

Other IRC Clients:
If you plan on being on IRC constantly or are interested in doing some serious downloading, you might want to look into getting an actual IRC client.

Pros: Customizable, You can automate a number of things, and download manga

Cons: Program Installation is required. Might be Technically difficult to set-up.

There are tons of IRC clients out there, I will be naming the most widely used clients:

MIRC (commercial- pay a one time $20 fee)- Download Here
XChat- download Here ||
Chatzilla- Firefox add-on (Here)
HydraIRC- (Okay, not popular but I just had to plug in my client)- Download Here

Mac or Linux
Chatzilla - find add-on Here
XChat (Linux)- download Here
XChat Aqua (Mac) - download Here

Note: Work In progress. I will provide modified tutorials on how to set up these Programs for IRC use at a later date.

It's important to note that in IRC simply entering text and pressing enter will make it function like any other messenger/chatting program. However, IRC takes things a step further by allowing you to use commands to do fancier things.

All commands in IRC start with the "/" sign. Without it, it will be shown simply as text on the channel. You can do things like pm-ing someone so you can talk in private or the comic "slapping" people do for fun.

Some of the commands are built in to the clients, so maybe you just need to right click on a person's name to do so. Others are not built in, so its always good to know the manual way and to find out if your client has a shortcut.

Get a new nick!
If you happen to get this message:
[19:00] -NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected.  If it is your
[19:00] -NickServ- nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password.  Otherwise,
[19:00] -NickServ- please choose a different nick.

when you log on to the server, quickly change your nick by typing
/nick [NewNickname]

Substitute [NewNickname] with the name you want to be see as. For Example: to use the name Tsumi, I would type /nick Tsumi. This is to prevents you from getting those annoying GuestXXXX nicks.

Register Your Nick
If your nickname isn't taken, and you would like to keep it permanently , just type:
/nickserv register password e-mail
Replace password with your desired one and e-mail with a valid e-mail. Follow the instructions like how you register an account for anything (forum, website etc) and your nick will be registered (:

Identify your nick
You can only identify your nick when you registered it. Example, you register with a nick NickNick123 and password 1234. At the status window (safest place to type it), just type
/identify 1234
and a message would appear stating that you're now identified:
-NickServ- Password accepted - you are now recognized.

Commands that are useful to know

/HELP shows general help or help on the given command.
/LIST lists all current channels.
/JOIN to join a channel
/PART to leave a channel (same as /LEAVE)

/QUIT exits your IRC session, (same as /BYE and /EXIT)
/NICK changes your nickname
/AWAY leaves a message saying you're away or not paying attention
/WHOIS displays information about someone
/INVITE sends an invitation to another user
/KICK gets rid of someone on a channel

/TOPIC changes the topic of the channel
/ME sends anything about you to a channel or QUERY
/MSG sends a private message
/QUERY starts a private conversation
/NOTICE sends a private message
/NOTIFY informs you when people logging in or out IRC
/IGNORE removes output from specific people

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IRC Thread
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