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 greshii's cleaner application

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PostSubject: greshii's cleaner application   2011-02-06, 04:07

Name: greshii
Experience: none :<
Free time: a few hours a day maybe... but this term i have a 4 day weekend! so maybe i have a lot of time...
Project you would like to work on: diece!!! but i'm okay with anything else as well :D

the test:
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
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PostSubject: Re: greshii's cleaner application   2011-02-07, 20:13

Nice Job^^. You're very good for an inexperienced cleaner. However, your biggest flaw is that your aren't leveling correctly.

In depth examples:
page- 1 Looks excellent^^.

Page 2- the whites weren't leveled as indicated by massive amounts of dust on it. Blacks could use at itty bitty bit more leveling but its fine overall.

page 3- Good Cloning/redrawing :> Somehow it seems the page is overleveled on the whites. Your backs look fine, but some of the lines have a greyish quality which tells me that you probably overleveled to get rid of the dust. Although, when doing a dust check, there is still a quite a bit of pixels surrounding the art and this particular grey line on the bottom left corner of the page.

pg- 4
blacks are fine. white should be leveled a itty bitty more :>. The cloning done on the flower - is obvious, i can see the repeating of ridges of the clone tool. Not bad on the 4 - though you have a black line at the very right and a portion of the white line isnt connected. On the guy's jacket, there is a half circle of tan pattern where there should be a straight pattern. There is also a black and white line at the edge that wasn't cloned.

pg 5- again white should be leveled more. You also didn't rotate the page correctly. Good job on filling in the blacks though, it looks nice ;).

Mostly, work on your leveling and you're good to go,ok?
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PostSubject: Re: greshii's cleaner application   2011-02-08, 01:30

thank you for your critique!
aahh yeah leveling is really hard for me, i don't really get it @_@;;
but i'll try again
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PostSubject: Re: greshii's cleaner application   

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greshii's cleaner application
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