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 Agate's Cleaner Application (Edit!)

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Agate Fluorite

Agate Fluorite

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Agate's Cleaner Application (Edit!) Empty
PostSubject: Agate's Cleaner Application (Edit!)   Agate's Cleaner Application (Edit!) Empty2011-01-31, 08:10

Name: Agate
Experience: I once work for Inmeliora scans la la la la la , but that was nearly 2 years ago so ....Gaaah I guess I'm collecting dusts in my rusty skills It...cant be... . I am a CG artist, so I guess I can do bit here and there Happy
Free Time: I am free until April Good work
Project you would like to work on: Any project will do gimme gimme gimme

......!....... ....My Pages.... ......!.......

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

Gaaahhh!! I'm still not good with the copy T^T

Looking forward to my 'exam' result *kneel* I hope I can work with you guys Bye Bye

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Agate's Cleaner Application (Edit!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Agate's Cleaner Application (Edit!)   Agate's Cleaner Application (Edit!) Empty2011-02-07, 19:29

Bah. It took me a week to get to you :/. I apologize for the wait.

Alright- my critique:

Overall: Not bad, but you have room for improvement.

Page 1 - looks fine. Good Job :>

Page 2- Black have not been leveled correctly. The paper tone is still visible.

Page 3-
Again, blacks are underleveled, whites could have been a tad bit more leveled.

There are still several dust spots that have not been cleaned (which would have to be cleaned manually since leveling probably won't take care of them).

Good job on the pattern- there is only a minor speck that you missed.

For the middle, you failed to clone the patterns (the backgound, the tails, the trees, the lowest border of that panel) so its still obvious there is a break.

page 4-

good job on the number 4 there. Cloning is not bad but ideally you want it to be as seemless as possible. On you cloning, i can see the outlines of the areas that have been cloned/pasted. Take for example the flower- there are lighter areas/lines and the same repeated pattern make it obvious that the area was cloned.

levels are fine but the black borders on the sides is unnecessary.

page 5-
huh... I think your the first to do such a good job on this one.
Now- the page isn't rotated correctly and whites are under leveled. you missed a couple of white speck in the blacks but otherwise its dandy.

^^ fix these things and you'll be good to go~
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Agate's Cleaner Application (Edit!)
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