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 Tyre's Lair

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PostSubject: Tyre's Lair   2010-11-21, 18:33


I'm Tyresonance, more commonly known as tyre (its pronounced tie-ree). I am the other founder of this group and irie's onee-san.

(I'm good with a knife, but I'm even better with my semi-automatic :) )

I've been weaned on anime for as long as I remember and later in life, I became addicted to manga.I'm around Irie's age ( not divulging more than that), a bookworm and strictly a science person.

Favorite Anime (currently): Mushishi, Fairy Tail, FMA

Favorite Manga: Please, don't make me pick! I love them all.

But enough about me! Onto my Family!

I'm a part of the mafia famigilia called The Black Lotus

Fleshcut- Our Mafia Leader. He's always on the look out for more people to be mafiosos. At the same time, he hands out the jobs, negotiates with alied mafiosos and looks for more property to be under the black lotus.

Bearking - As the right hand man, he runs things behind the scenes. No one really knows what his job is.

Cmertb- Our top assassin- cool, sophisticated and loves to stirrup trouble.

Irie- The sis. Don't ever piss her off otherwise you will unknowingly taste her poison.

Pyros- The quirky bro. He's good at selling stuff in the black market and he's rumored to be good at killing with his gun. But honestly, he doesn't look it.

The idler triplets- the part of the famiglia that doesn't wanna get out of bed. Seriously, I have no idea if they contribute -__-'




getfresh- Our newest member. He's a stray mafioso whose group was arrested and came under the black lotus to keep on with his crime career. Warning: Ladies watch out because he's a perverted bastard.

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PostSubject: Re: Tyre's Lair   2010-11-21, 18:52

tyresonance wrote:
Irie- The sis. Don't ever piss her off otherwise you will unknowingly taste her poison.

I'm also skilled with the whip!
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PostSubject: Re: Tyre's Lair   2011-03-13, 18:09

It's a bit late but Happy Birthdy Trye!!!!!!!!!!
I hope that you had a great day where everything went the way that you like it! Thanks for being an awesome mod.
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PostSubject: Re: Tyre's Lair   

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Tyre's Lair
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